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Pain is more than just a physical sensation. It can dramatically affect your quality of life, exhausting you physically and emotionally. It can cause great suffering. Pain can be limiting and debilitating, significantly impacting your lifestyle, job, relationships and independence. Pain is difficult. We understand the burden to you and those closest to you. The good news is that you don’t have to be imprisoned by chronic pain. We are passionate in our pursuit of successfully treating and managing pain from a variety of conditions.

Our pain management doctors and specialists are available to offer consultations for various pain conditions. We focus on identifying the mechanism underlying the sensation of pain and treating the core of it, proposing approaches other than chronic use of medication whenever possible. We provide the latest techniques and modalities available in the field of pain management, suitable for specific cases.

With growing recognition of the opioid crisis in our country, application of Interventional Pain Management techniques offers a tremendous opportunity to reduce the use of narcotics and help people better manage their pain.

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