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Physical, Occupational & Hand Therapy

The majority of orthopedic related conditions do not require surgery to treat. What is needed is expert guidance in rehabilitation and injury prevention. The Physical Therapists and Certified Hand Therapists at Edmonds Orthopedic Therapy and Concept Therapy have specific training and expertise in orthopedic, spine and hand therapy procedures. The therapists work closely with the physicians to ensure that all patients receive the individualized care that they need. Therapy gyms include a wide range of equipment and modalities for providing all types of orthopedic therapy services. Patients tell us that they prefer the longer appointments and personal attention our therapists provide.

  • We provide Therapy Services close to home with convenient locations that make it easy for you to get the care you need!


Edmonds Orthopedic Center (Physical, Occupational & Hand Therapy)

Edmonds-Harbor Square

Concept Therapy-Harbor Square (Physical Therapy)

Concept Harbor Square has the same Therapists you know and love from the former Waterfront Sports & Physical Therapy, come see Marcus Flexer, Amy Marsh, Peggy Halwachs and Kathy Gold!


Concept Therapy-Lynnwood (Occupational and Hand Therapy)

Mill Creek

Concept Therapy-Mill Creek (Physical, Occupational & Hand Therapy)

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