I'm sure that all involved must be proud of the good work they do, but it is my humble observation that each and everyone of them definitely should be. It must be humbling to realize how many people's lives they improve so profoundly

Sincerely and gratefully, A Guy with a Great New Hip

Thank you so much for fixing my knee so I could run the Marine Corps Marathon! Things went great and I feel stronger than ever.

Thank you, L.S.

Thank you for your care. My family and I appreciate all that you’ve done to make my arm stronger.

Patient C.S.

Thank you for taking such great care of C.S. We have deeply appreciated all of the extra work that you have gone to on his behalf. I am told that you even shared part of your lunch with him and hope that we can, in small part, return the favor! These are C.S.’s favorites drawings and hope that you and your daughter will enjoy them as much as he does.

Best regards, H.S.

Thanks! All of the pain in my shoulder is completely gone. I use all of the exercise on the sheet you gave me and it’s all good.

Patient J.K.

Unlike all the king’s horses and the king’s men- you put me back together again!

Many thanks! V.E.

Many thanks again for your outstanding and compassionate care.

Regards, Dr. V.H.

I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team for taking care of my knee and ensuring everything went smoothly.

In gratitude, T.F.

Thank you so much for your care and listening and answering all of my questions and thanks to your gracious and friendly staff.

Sincerely your patient, P.C.

Thank you for the great job on my shoulder. The two therapists at Eisenhower Hospital said 'Best recovery ever seen.'

Patient B.C.

Thank you so much for fixing my knee. It feels good.

Patient R.C.

Thank you so much for being willing to schedule an appointment at 8am. In fact all of us really appreciate your effort in making the shots absolutely painless.

Patient R.A.

I wanted to send my sincere thanks for your great care during my injury and surgery. It would not have been the same without your amazing professionalism and skill. I am going on one month since surgery and am healing nicely. Thanks again!

Warmest regards, C.K.

Thank you so much for being my surgeon. Coming into this situation I was very unsure as well as scared, but throughout the process you made me feel comfortable and in giving me more confidence than ever with my ankle! I appreciate your work and ability to give me new cough findings! Since surgery I have been doing physical therapy and everyone there is so happy with my progress as well as how strong my ankle is every day.

Sincerely, Olivia O.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for the level of care you have shown me over the last couple of weeks, both prior to and following the surgery performed of my ankle. The past few weeks have been really scary and upsetting for me and I really appreciate your expertise, time, and thoroughness. Being under your care and the entire team my fears have been replaced with complete confidence and I am hopeful in my recovery process. I wanted to let you know how much she truly appreciate everything we have done for me.

Sincerely, Susan B.

Thank you so very much for being such a kind competent and skilled surgeon. It took me a while to find you but the day I saw you for the first time I knew that you cared and knew what to do to help me. I have been very pleased with all of my interactions with your staff. Everyone at the outpatient surgery center was so nice and treated me like a person. I have been a nurse for 30 years but I think I have learned more about what people experience with pain. All patients want to be heard and have a plan to make things better. He did that for me and all forever be grateful to you. ...

Patient Karen C.

Thank you for your expertise infusing my foot. It is doing great now!

Patient Margaret C.

Thank you again for all you have done for me. My foot is still going strong!

Patient Arlene O.

I would like to say thank you to you and your staff on my long road to recovery. All of these seem to go above and beyond your call of duty.

Sincerely, Steven M.

A quick note to thank you for the care you gave me when I broke my leg in December. I am getting along fine. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your care.

Patient Sarah R.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and show some appreciation for your effort and putting my ankle back together. I am incredibly grateful to you that I am now essentially pain-free and almost normal again. It is a relief to work pain-free, I can run about every other day. Thank you for making me healthy and active again!

Patient Matt K.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate you. Your incredible surgical expertise has given me a new ankle and the ability to ambulate. But even beyond that, I appreciate your warmth and that you go the extra mile to create an environment of comfort and knowledge that the best is being undertaken to assist the patient. Your a truly special lady and I want to thank you for being there for me during this difficult time.

Patient Robin M.

You are amazing and I have truly grateful for everything you have done for me. Thank you so much.

Patient Jenny J.

Thank you for your support and kindness!

Cynthia C.

Thank you for putting my ankle back together.

Patient Sue W.

I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing compassion, patient's, and attitude. You catch people when they are usually most vulnerable it was amazing to be treated like a person.

Julie H.

It has been an honor and a pleasure working with you these past couple of years. You are so fun to be around. Thanks for making this place a great place to come to.


With every step I take I am so grateful to you for your great work. A truly sincere thank you.

Patient Edna E.

My wife and I thank you for the perfectly executed open reduction and internal fixation of her fractured ankle and for your following care. It is nice to know in this part of Washington with expertise such as yours available to us.


Just reaching out to let you know how incredibly grateful I am that you have fixed my ankle! I know it was not easy for you at all, but you did it! I feel like one like the lady to have you for my doctor and on top of all that you saved my cartilage 2. I have so much respect for Dr. Foral.

Patient Linda J.

A huge difference you have made in my life. Where what I be without to? Thank you for hanging in there with me and always doing the right thing with scale and kindness.

Patient Sarah C.

We would like to say how much you are appreciated for the help and care cigarette use so willingly gave RD her mother. Her elbow healed wonderfully.

Marcia F.

Thank you for what you did for me. Just wanted you to know I appreciate all you have done. I feel you never judge me for my past and treated me with respect. That really means a lot to me.

Patient Pam M.

My surgery probably is not a big deal in the life of an orthopedic surgeon but getting my life back is huge!

Thank you, Kay C.

Many thanks for being so proactive on my behalf and for staying on top of my care.

Sincerely, Mary K.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts on behalf of my father. We are glad to know that he is in such good hands. Her whole family is grateful for your care of him.

Susan B.

A very big thank you for all your caring.

Your grateful patient, F.B.

Dr. Christal, your work has touched my heart. Thank you. May you know that you are a rare type in this busy world. You are so kind, gentle, understanding, and spot on!

Patient Patricia L.

Your knowledge, guidance, and compassion has impacted me and helped me more than I can explain. I am so blessed and thankful to have you as my doctor. You and your entire staff are amazing.

Patient Megan S.

Dr. Christal, you gave me 2 new hips. I have been grateful to you every day for giving me back my active life. I am nearly 78 years old and continue walking our beach on Whidbey Island and doing yard work and maintaining our 12 acres, my passion in life.

Thank you, Carol R.

My new right hip is working amazingly well, due to your awesome surgical skills. Thanks for your care and concern.

Sincerely, Pam C.

My world's a little brighter and my right hip feels awesome.

Patient Sharon B.

Thank you! On a cruise from Seattle - around Hawaiian Islands to Vancouver. Hiked up Diamond Head today - over 500 feet up, 3 miles round trip, and my left knee doesn't hurt a bit!

Patient Mary B.

Dr. Christal, a big thank you to you and all the staff for making me feel cared for. I am grateful for your education, training, and expertise. Now I have a new hope and can live again.

Patient Gretchen D.

Dr. Christal, thank you for taking good care of my knee this past year. I may only see you a few times a year, but I look forward to each visit.

Patient Dorothy M.

I wish to thank you for a successful knee replacement. Am doing great. Am up walking again!

Patient Alfred J.

Dr. Christal, thank you again for taking such good care of me, my knee, and leg overall. Am doing well and really enjoy being able to walk!

Patient Kelsey

Thank you so very much for all the special care you have given me in the replacement of both of my knees. You are a blessing to all the lives you touch.

Patient Joan D.

You're someone who doesn't compromise on being the person only you could be, someone who doesn't hold back on sharing the gifts only you can give. My knee is working wonderfully because of you and your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Patient Heather M.

Dr. Christal, you are amazing! Thank you so much for the fine surgery you performed on my right knee! I, along with everyone else I've talked to, feel I am recovering very well and fast. It's only been 9 days since my surgery and I'm already walking without assistance. I just want you to know how pleased I am with the outcome. Thank you!

Sincerely, Lola C.

Dr. Christal, in addition to being an incredible surgeon, you listened, you cared, you got the job done! You will never know how much I appreciate you. There are no words.

Patient Jackie

Dr. Christal, you are an amazing doctor. I have never felt so wonderful after major surgery. I appreciate your expertise in joint replacements. I had expected my recovery to be more painful than it has been. I am so thankful that you are my doctor.

Thank you, Annette R.

Dr. Christal, I appreciate your excellent care. I feel very fortunate to have found you! You're very personable, informative, and inspire confidence in yourself. My "life after retirement" has been on pause since March, but now we can press the "fast forward" button! Thank you so much for your care.

Sincerely, Tom S.

Dr. Christal, I want to thank you for giving me a second chance for a quality of life. When I came here last fall, I could hardly walk. I was in so much pain. Now that you replaced both hips in a little over 3 months, I feel great! Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. You are a great doctor.

Patient Vicky C.

Dr. Aric Christal, I want to thank you again for your expert skill in my hip surgery. One week after the work was done, I am feeling great and it is quite the relief. You are a very kind and compassionate doctor. And a great guy, too!

Thank you so very much, Brad E.

Dr. Christal, when I asked several nurses what was going well, they enthusiastically named you and your pain management approach that reduces the pain experienced by your patients and gets them home sooner. Additionally, they appreciate your partnership with them in providing clear orders and discharge instructions.

Sincerely, Cathy C.

Dr. Christal, I am very grateful that you made room in your schedule this summer for my surgery. Your staff made it much easier to prepare for surgery and were especially supportive. Your skill as a surgeon has made my recovery so much easier. Thank you for all you do!

Patient Karen J.

Dr. Christal, the knee is doing well, even after 13.1 miles!

Thanks again, Karen

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. My right hip is perfect! I have appreciated your professionalism, your care, your communication, and your smiles!

Thank you, Barbara M.

Dr. Christal and staff, I am so grateful to each of you for your contribution towards making my hip replacement a positive and life-changing experience. When I began the process, I was discouraged and in considerable pain, and now I am pain-free and am well on my way to getting my life back. Your professionalism and kindness will never be forgotten.

Sincerely, Jeanne B.

Dr. Christal, thank you for my new knee! It's been 8 months and I am better than new!

Patient Alexis E.

I appreciate you, your skills, your professionalism and smile! I am thankful for the EDOC staff and Swedish staff. Smiles everywhere. I will be recommending you to everyone!

Patient Daniel C.

Thank you! My new knee is already better than what I had. Yippee!

Patient Kay M.

Dr. Christal, I am singing your praises. What a different experience from the last time - like night and day! Thank you for a new knee and all that it means to a woman of my age. I will be back hiking the trails out of Anchorage once again - thanks to your skill and caring.

Sincerely, Trudy D.

Thank you for your care of my husband. He has had a couple tough years pain-wise, and I'm relieved to see him with such good results. I can relate because I've had both hips replaced in the early 2000s. It was day and night results.

Sincerely, Priscilla M.

Six years ago, I had a right hip replaced with a fine doctor now retired. I recently had my left hip replaced with Dr. Aric Christal and his staff at Edmonds Swedish Hospital. The transformation from then to now is overwhelming. It is like going through a car wash; you start in the dumps and you come out feeling better with a clean car. While in the recovery room waiting for space upstairs, I had the privilege of waking up in the middle of a room surrounded by profession, bonny smiles on doctors and nurses. We had lunch together; they did their duties and put up with this 83-year-old

Patient Johnny C.

My daily routine is smooth. I am able to walk, hike, and bike for several hours without discomfort. I can also swim without any discomfort or loss of motion. Both my overall health and quality of life have greatly improved now that I can do the activities that I enjoy without pain or the anticipation of discomfort.

My thanks, Art B.

I am safely back to Japan and as a matter of fact my shoulder feels great. I would like you to know that I feel I am blessed. From the very beginning you paid attention to me personally and were sensitive and compassionate. Your "magic" hands, gentle and kind, gave me the feeling that I am OK. I think that you are a uniquely wonderful doctor. You see "person" to treat, rather than just broken bone to repair. I have finished writing a book which will be published this fall and I would like to include my experience with you. I thank you very much for being in my life at this time.

Sincerely, M.S.

We can't thank you enough for fixing my arm. My kids do too!

Best wishes, K & C.M

We would like to express our gratitude regarding the great care and concern that you have shown our son.

Sincerely, L &J.J

My husband and I wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate you. You're what every person hoped their doctor will be like. From the knowledge and expertise to the wonderful "bedside manner" you possess. You treated us with compassion, concern and respect. It's been a pleasure.

God Bless you, G.C.

You are a great doctor and I just want to say "Gracias". Thanks to you and each and everyone around you. Thanks a million! You are wonderful people!

Patient J.L.M.

When I saw you last Wednesday I really wanted to hug you in thanks - your heart and head and hands relieved my pain and made the future live again. I wish for you a life filled with all that's good, and maybe a few challenges to make it interesting! Your forever grateful patient,

Patient G.R.

My husband and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of medical care and professionalism that Dr. Cameron has shown to us during my husband's injury, surgery, and post-care. From the time that we called Dr. Cameron's office from Maui where my husband was badly injured to being admitted to the hospital the next day for emergency surgery, we were treated with the utmost care, diligence and reassurance that he would be well cared for during this difficult and quite painful time for our entire family. Coming from a medical family, I am very familiar with the duties, obligations and

Patient K.O

Just a note to say thank you so much for the great work you do- you are definitely my favorite doctor, and trust me, I have had many! My knee feels great and I'm excited to get back to normal. Thanks again, you're the best!

Patient B.Y.

I just want to you to know how grateful I am to you for fixing my knee. When the nurse asked me who my surgeon is I said "Dr. Brian", and now I like to call you that! Thanks again!

Patient H.W.

I can never thank you enough for my "new joint". To experience a pain free day right from the start! I feel so much better. Grace and Peace,

Patient E.M.

Thank you so much for your kindness and help in my health conditions. God Bless you.

Patient J.U.

Thank you for finding the time to see me and for giving me your opinions and direction. You have a great "exam room" way of being. No wonder everyone loves you to bits. By the way, your staff is pretty nice too - a very happy bunch it seems. Speaks loads.

Patient A.W.

I wish to express my appreciation to you for your willingness to perform my surgery on your day off. I am sill quite overwhelmed by your generosity. God bless and thank you.

Patient C.L.

Thank you for the personal phone call after surgery—not many doctors do that anymore

Patient G.J.

With gratitude for all you do. With appreciation for all you are. Thank you for your skill, kindness & moxie.

Patient M.Y.

Dear Wren, I appreciate your personal support as I dealt with a broken wrist. You are kind and sensitive. Thank you for patiently tolerating both my normal needs and my concerns of that which was abnormal for me. It was easy to trust in you and your team. You are a treasure!`

Patient M.M.

Dear Dr. McCallister, You are absolutely fabulous! Thank you for fixing my hands! And thank you for our personal call (after surgery) even though I wasn’t home—I appreciated it!

Patient J.E.

Thanks for all you did to bring my hand back. Your office staff was a pleasure to work with as well as you. It’s so nice to know such good Doctors and medical people!!

Patient P.K.

Dear Dr. McCallister, I so greatly appreciate your patience, help & time…Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help.

Patient T.M.

Thank You Dr. McCallister, I was blessed to have you be there when I was in need and blessed with all your work and knowledge over the past years. Thanks.

Patient M.E.

Dear Dr. McCallister, Thank you very much for examining and operating on my broken wrist after I broke it playing tennis. I am not back to full steam, but I am managing well thanks to you…It was pleasant getting to know you.

Patient M.B.

Dr. McCallister, Thank you for the surgery on my ring finger. I no longer see the ‘ball’ on it and hope it will continue to be 'normal'

Patient D.B.

Dr. McCallister, Thank you for all you have been doing for me, especially in listening. I very much appreciate it.

Patient K.J.

Dear Dr. McCallister, Thank you, again; left hand is doing fine! Able to walk dogs, etc.! Thank you for your concerns, caring and insight to resolve repair of my left hand…My dogs appreciated my two hands!!

Patient D.B.

Hi Dr. McCallister, I came in last Thursday to see what to do about my ganglion cyst and you gave me a shot of steroids. I am so happy that it is completely gone. Thank you so much!

Patient C.W.

Thank you Doctor, Thank you for helping me with my thumb injury. Also, thanks to Oscar and the office reception staff for their kindness.

Patient J.R.

Dr. McCallister, Thank you for taking great care of me, you staff is always friendly and helpful.

Patient P.H.

Dr. McCallister, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care I received while in your care.

Patient H.K.

Dr. McCallister, Thank you so much for taking such good care of me during a very vulnerable time! I know you did a great job with the surgery and my leg will heal and look beautiful. You are wonderful.

Patient C.A.

Dear Dr. McCallister, I want to thank you for all the care after the wrist surgery in January of this year…It was a full success!

Patient R.K.

Dr. McCallister, You probably don’t remember me but I want you to know I haven’t forgotten you…you fixed my wrist after it was injured by the big dog…I honestly can’t remember how many years back- 5 at least. But my hand, wrist and arm are all working perfect…I am a very active 79 year-old…When I saw my arm that day, I thought my way of life was over. I am fit as a fiddle. Thank you-thank you-thank you and God bless you.

Patient J.B.

McCallister, MD, You’re helping others everyday. You walk in with a smile on your face. You show your patients that you care, with your kindness and respect. Thank you for doing all that you can to fix my wrist! J

Patient M.S.

Hi Doctor, Thought I’d let you know everything works 100%. All movement in my wrist and hands is back to normal. Even the scar is not so bad. I tell everyone I LOVE my doctor...You did an awesome job and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patient C.D.

Dr. McCallister, Thanks to Dr. McCallister for consistency in good outcomes, bedside manner and making the work of therapy so much easier.

Hand Therapist A.A.

Hi, Dr. McCallister, I wanted to tell you that my LT wrist that you performed carpal tunnel surgery on is doing great…now I want to say thanks!!

Patient D.J.

Dear Dr. McCallister, I wanted to send a note to thank you sincerely for providing your services in the healing of my elbow injury. It has been difficult these days being uninsured, and you charitable care has helped immensely. Thank you so much for your time, I will always remember your benevolence.

Patient J.M.

Dear. Dr. McCallister, It’s been a year since I had your surgery and treatment for my trigger finger…It certainly came out excellent! I am completely ambidextrous and happy with my mobility! I just wanted to compliment you and your staff on an excellent job. I will recommend any and all folks who need small bone surgery to you! Thank you again for your marvelous surgery!

Patient G.F.

I visited Dr. McCallister for a hurt finger that had been bothering me for a year. Another doctor had said it was a pulled tendon and yet another said it was broken. Dr. McCallister was the only doctor who actually helped me determine the problem and what to do about it. He’s very down to earth when he talks to you and he really tries to help you overall, not just the specific problem you came in for. If you need an orthopedic doctor, try him! Keep up the great work.

Patient S.G.

Dear Doctor McCallister, Thank you so much for the care you gave me...you are so calm and caring and clever.

Patient T.C. (Registered Nurse)

Dear Dr. McCallister, Thank you for the best happy visit ever! My daughter and I were so impressed with your pleasant personality and sense of humor—We won’t forget you!

Patient E.W.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! We certainly appreciate it!!

Patient D.M.

Dear Dr. McCallister, Thank you for the care you provided to S. this summer when she fell and broke her arm at the playground. She made this artwork just for you! S. says you’re the best doctor in the whole wide world and I thought that you would like to know what a positive impression you left on her and her little sister too! You’re a very talented doctor and we all appreciate the care/concern you and the nurses provided.

Patient S.A.

Dr. McCallister, Ok...so you probably get cards all the time? But I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated the fine surgical work you did on my wife’s left index finger…she will have minimal (if any) scarring and she is gaining back full flexibility. For this, we attribute to you and to your fine skill as a surgeon and doctor.

Patients R. & P. Y.

Dear Dr. McCallister, Thank you so very much for your wonderful surgical skills and your kind and gentle spirit. His right hand is doing great and we owe that to you!!

Patients F. & M. H.

Dear Dr. McCallister, I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff, including the nurses in your surgical suite, for your excellent care and concern for my well being. You are all awesome. Keep up the great bedside manner—good doctors are hard to find.

Patient N.V.

FINALLY (after being treated by others)…you have fixed my right arm. Thank you Dr. McCallister!

- Patient B.H.

I had a great experience with Dr. Christal and the Edmonds Orthopedic Center. I really appreciate all of the time Dr. Christal spent with me answering my questions and educating me about my options before my surgery. The surgery went smoothly and I can't believe how great I feel now. I would happily recommend him to all of my friends and family.
I had a knee replacement several years ago by another surgeon, but it never felt quite right. It would buckle, swell and hurt all the time. I couldn't find anyone to diagnose or fix the problem. Until Dr Christal. He figured out what was wrong (when no one else could) and redid my knee (when no one else would). Thanks for listening and believing. Now I'm back on my feet again.
I had my knee replaced earlier this year by Dr Christal and have been very pleased with the whole process. I first met him at a public seminar on joint replacement, which he offers through Swedish Edmonds hospital. My clinic visits were smooth, The office staff wonderful, and Dr Christal always willing to spend as much time with me as I needed. I felt very informed throughout the entire process. My hospital stay was seamless and now I have a new knee! My pain before the procedure limited my activities every day, but now I am taking walks every day and out in my garden without any ...
I just had my second knee replacement (the first was done elsewhere). SO much easier this time around. The hospital staff was wonderful and all said they would choose Dr Christal as their surgeon. The best part was that I went home the same day as surgery! Now I'm a few weeks out and making great progress. Thanks Dr Christal and the rest of the team!
I have been a patient for 14 years now. Staff is friendly, organized and doctors are knowledgeable, patient and want to fix you. I have seen doctor Cameron and Alberts... for knees, elbow and now my tailbone and discs. I trust this clinic and highly recommend them.

Jill C

I’ve been a patient at Edmonds Orthopedic for several years. Since day one, I’ve experienced nothing short of exceptional care from Dr. Darcy Foral, Dr. Kuechle, the nurses (Angela!!) and the office staff. They’re the best.

John M

I have had several great experiences here from start to finish for two surgeries. Staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and interested in your well being. I have specifically had a tremendous experience with Dr. Foral. If you have any orthopedic needs, this is the place you need to visit!

Matt K

Dr. Foral is awesome and the office is very friendly. The nurses and techs were all really helpful and spent lots of time with me. Thank you for the great repair work on my leg, ankle, and heel.

Shelley R.

Dr. Lee is one of the best sports medicine orthopedists out there. I work in Sports Medicine and am so impressed with his bedside manner and progressive treatment philosophy. I send everybody I know to him for knee/ankle injuries!

Brittney D.

Dr.Alberts was pretty great. He was the first doctor to really explain and show me my MRI. He took the time to show me a good disk in my back and then the herniated one and what it was doing to my nerves.

Karla O.

Dr. Lee and this company did an outstanding job. This was my first surgery and it was really a piece of cake. They answered all my questions, made me feel at ease, and followed up nicely. I would highly recommend.

Jim P.

This place is amazing. Always on time, everyone very helpful and passionate to make sure their patients will heal. Everyone shows a lot of empathy and it seems the staff feels my pain after total knee replacement surgery. Glenda is nothing short of a miracle worker.

Regine S.