Six years ago, I had a right hip replaced with a fine doctor now retired. I recently had my left hip replaced with Dr. Aric Christal and his staff at Edmonds Swedish Hospital. The transformation from then to now is overwhelming. It is like going through a car wash; you start in the dumps and you come out feeling better with a clean car. While in the recovery room waiting for space upstairs, I had the privilege of waking up in the middle of a room surrounded by profession, bonny smiles on doctors and nurses. We had lunch together; they did their duties and put up with this 83-year-old guy, all in stride. I went upstairs feeling much younger than I was. There are not enough words to bestow my gratitude for Dr. Christal, his staff and associates on the Fifth Floor. I was honored to be cared for in that friendly manner. I felt so good that I stopped on the way home from the hospital for some groceries.