Dr. Darcy Foral, MD


  • BA, University of Washington
  • MD, University of Nebraska School of Medicine

Orthopedic Residency

  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


  • Sigvard T. Hansen Food and Ankle Fellowship, University of Washington and Harborview Medical Centers

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

  • Edmonds Center for Outpatient Surgery
  • Swedish Medical Center – Edmonds
  • Proliance Center for Outpatient Spine and Joint Surgery

Darcy Foral, MD

Dr. Darcy Foral, MD

Darcy Foral, MD, is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in disorders of the foot and ankle.

Dr. Foral grew up between Nebraska and Washington and attended the University of Washington for a BA  then returning to the University of Nebraska for medical school. She continued on to do her residency in Orthopaedic surgery at the University of Texas, Southwestern in Dallas. Finally, she circled back to Seattle to do her fellowship and the University of Washington, Haborview, Sigvard T Hansen Foot and Ankle Fellowship.

Dr. Foral’s areas of specialty include care of acute fractures, post-traumatic reconstruction of the ankle and foot joints, arthritic disorders of the lower extremity, tendon and sports-related injuries, and deformity correction (bunions, flat foot, toe clawing). She believes strongly in providing a comprehensive approach to the lower extremity, ankle and foot, including lower extremity rehabilitation and non-surgical options, as well as taking in to account over all health and quality of life issues.

Dr. Foral lives in Seattle with her family, including three kids and a dog. She keeps busy with them in soccer, swimming, piano and crew. She likes to cook, read, snowboard and travel in her free time.

Thank you for your expertise infusing my foot. It is doing great now!
— Patient Margaret C.




Thank you so much for being my surgeon. Coming into this situation I was very unsure as well as scared, but throughout the process you made me feel comfortable and in giving me more confidence than ever with my ankle! I appreciate your work and ability to give me new cough findings! Since surgery I have been doing physical therapy and everyone there is so happy with my progress as well as how strong my ankle is every day.
— Sincerely, Olivia O.
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for the level of care you have shown me over the last couple of weeks, both prior to and following the surgery performed of my ankle. The past few weeks have been really scary and upsetting for me and I really appreciate your expertise, time, and thoroughness. Being under your care and the entire team my fears have been replaced with complete confidence and I am hopeful in my recovery process. I wanted to let you know how much she truly appreciate everything we have done for me.
— Sincerely, Susan B.
Thank you so very much for being such a kind competent and skilled surgeon. It took me a while to find you but the day I saw you for the first time I knew that you cared and knew what to do to help me. I have been very pleased with all of my interactions with your staff. Everyone at the outpatient surgery center was so nice and treated me like a person. I have been a nurse for 30 years but I think I have learned more about what people experience with pain. All patients want to be heard and have a plan to make things better. He did that for me and all forever be grateful to you. Please know what it different to make.
— Patient Karen C.
Thank you for your expertise infusing my foot. It is doing great now!
— Patient Margaret C.
Thank you again for all you have done for me. My foot is still going strong!
— Patient Arlene O.
I would like to say thank you to you and your staff on my long road to recovery. All of these seem to go above and beyond your call of duty.
— Sincerely, Steven M.
A quick note to thank you for the care you gave me when I broke my leg in December. I am getting along fine. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your care.
— Patient Sarah R.
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and show some appreciation for your effort and putting my ankle back together. I am incredibly grateful to you that I am now essentially pain-free and almost normal again. It is a relief to work pain-free, I can run about every other day. Thank you for making me healthy and active again!
— Patient Matt K.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate you. Your incredible surgical expertise has given me a new ankle and the ability to ambulate. But even beyond that, I appreciate your warmth and that you go the extra mile to create an environment of comfort and knowledge that the best is being undertaken to assist the patient. Your a truly special lady and I want to thank you for being there for me during this difficult time.
— Patient Robin M.
You are amazing and I have truly grateful for everything you have done for me. Thank you so much.
— Patient Jenny J.
Thank you for your support and kindness!
— Cynthia C.
Thank you for putting my ankle back together.
— Patient Sue W.
I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing compassion, patient's, and attitude. You catch people when they are usually most vulnerable it was amazing to be treated like a person.
— Julie H.
It has been an honor and a pleasure working with you these past couple of years. You are so fun to be around. Thanks for making this place a great place to come to.
— Michelle
With every step I take I am so grateful to you for your great work. A truly sincere thank you.
— Patient Edna E.
My wife and I thank you for the perfectly executed open reduction and internal fixation of her fractured ankle and for your following care. It is nice to know in this part of Washington with expertise such as yours available to us.
— E.J. MD
Just reaching out to let you know how incredibly grateful I am that you have fixed my ankle! I know it was not easy for you at all, but you did it! I feel like one like the lady to have you for my doctor and on top of all that you saved my cartilage 2. I have so much respect for Dr. Foral.
— Patient Linda J.
A huge difference you have made in my life. Where what I be without to? Thank you for hanging in there with me and always doing the right thing with scale and kindness.
— Patient Sarah C.
We would like to say how much you are appreciated for the help and care cigarette use so willingly gave RD her mother. Her elbow healed wonderfully.
— Marcia F.
Thank you for what you did for me. Just wanted you to know I appreciate all you have done. I feel you never judge me for my past and treated me with respect. That really means a lot to me.
— Patient Pam M.
My surgery probably is not a big deal in the life of an orthopedic surgeon but getting my life back is huge!
— Thank you, Kay C.
Many thanks for being so proactive on my behalf and for staying on top of my care.
— Sincerely, Mary K.
Thank you so much for all of your efforts on behalf of my father. We are glad to know that he is in such good hands. Her whole family is grateful for your care of him.
— Susan B.
Dr. Foral is awesome and the office is very friendly. The nurses and techs were all really helpful and spent lots of time with me. Thank you for the great repair work on my leg, ankle, and heel.
— Shelley R.