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Our board-certified orthopedic hand and wrist surgeons have extensive experience in every option for operative and non-operative care to identify the best treatment options for you.

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Why is my hand numb?
A nerve that is compressed will cause numbness in the part of the hand that it supplies with sensation.
Why does my thumb hurt?
Arthritis of the thumb is a common cause of thumb pain, among many others, that leads to trouble opening jars, turning keys, or with pinch and grip activity.
What is this bump on my wrist?
Ganglion cysts can cause a lump or bump to appear on your hand or wrist.
Why does my finger lock or catch?

A trigger finger results when the flexor tendon cannot move freely and causes the finger to “get stuck,” often when gripping.

Why does my wrist hurt when I lift my thumb?
DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis is a tendonitis that involves the thumb tendons and is usually related to some degree of relative overuse.

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Surgery, when needed, costs significantly less at our AAAHC-approved surgical facilities compared to the hospital. Surveys show it’s safer too, with less risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.

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Treatment Options

When our hands and wrists are not working properly, we lose the ability to efficiently interact with our world. A wide range of conditions can prevent us from being productive at work, enjoying our hobbies, or just meeting the everyday demands of life. At Edmonds Orthopedic Center, our patient-centered model of care and shared decision making ensures you resume your activities as soon as possible.

The structure of the hand and wrist are complex, but our board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic hand surgeons are focused on making sure you have a clear understanding of what is wrong and how we can work together to get you better.

Our hand surgeons have a variety of ways to help you get better, including:


If surgery is necessary, we utilize the latest in minimally invasive technology to maximize your recovery.


These treatments consist of splints, casts, exercise programs, injections, and other non-surgical treatments.


Hand therapy is an important part of treating conditions that affect the hand and wrist. Proliance Physical & Hand Therapy offers convenient locations in Harbor Square, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and Edmonds with expert staff that are focused on your recovery and injury prevention.

Whether we are treating common conditions like tendonitis or arthritis, sports injuries, or trauma injuries, our focus is on working with you to develop the most effective treatment program based on your unique situation.

Unlike a large hospital-based system that tries to be ‘all things to all people,’ our clinical focus and expertly trained staff are committed to one thing:  you! From diagnosis all the way through the completion of your treatment, you will work one-on-one with your surgeon. We believe this strengthens communication and quality of care, leaving you with the most efficient and effective level of care.

Hand & Wrist Doctors

Benjamin Chia, MD

Benjamin Chia, MD

Wren McCallister, MD, MBA

Wren McCallister, MD, MBA