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When it comes to movement, we all want to forge ahead. The feet and ankles work together to keep us standing, walking, running, and everything in between. When working well they provide us with the balance and stability we need to do the things we love, something we often take for granted until they stop working properly. When that happens to you, it can be devastating to your way of life.

Three major sections make up the foot and ankle. The hindfoot is commonly reffered to as the ankle, the midfoot or arch, and the forefoot or toes. The forefoot consists of five long metatarsal bones connecting to the five toes . The midfoot contains multiple small square bones that create the arch of the foot and provide structure and shock absorption. The hindfoot includes the ankle and the heel. The ankle is made up of the end of the tibia and fibula, which create a hinge for the talus bone to rotate up and down. Under the talus is the calcaneus, or heel bone, which provides the surface to walk on and a more subtle side to side motion that allows us to walk on uneven surfaces.

As the contact point for our bodies with the ground, the foot and ankle must accommodate for a wide variety of functions and they need more than bones to do it – major tendons run along both the front, back and sides of our legs to connect the foot and ankle from the body to the ground. In addition, ligaments and connective tissues, like the plantar fascia, help give the system stability but can prove very problematic when they start to fail us.

Any number of things can go wrong with our feet and ankles due to the sheer volume of activity they sustain, and the variety of motion they tolerate. Bunions, athlete’s foot, plantar fasciitis, and fractures are common pitfalls of the foot. Twists, sprains, fractures, arthritis, and Achilles tendinitis and ruptures are common ailments of the ankle. Similar to other musculoskeletal injuries, time is often the essence when it comes to treatment. We encourage you to learn all you can and consult with our doctors about how you can keep foot and ankle issues at bay or treat them optimally.

Our Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle specialist in Edmonds, Dr. Foral, specializes in the following conditions:

It can be incredibly difficult to do the things you need to do when you’re suffering from pain in your body’s foundation. We encourage you to learn everything you can about caring for your feet and ankles, and what we can do to help prevent or treat any setbacks to your orthopedic health. If you’re experiencing foot or ankle issues, please call and consult with EOC today.

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